Saturday, July 24, 2010

20 days later

So while I was getting the pictures off of my phone for the last entry (see: last entry) I realized that 218 pictures is enough so I saved them all to the computer.  108 of these pictures are from the Fourth of July, so click here and enjoy the show!

The danger of making fried chicken

So I got burnt at work this morning.  I was breading chicken and putting them into the fryer, and I got splashed on.  This actually happens pretty regularly, but it usually just feels no worse than a bee sting and I move on.  But this time I got a good splash on my left wrist and it HURT LIKE A FUCKING BITCH!  So yeah, I had to take a picture of it

 8:31 AM

It doesn't look that bad now.  I cooled it off and sprayed lidocaine on it, which killed the pain instantly.  Phew, I didn't know that stuff worked that well.  If you look in the middle of the red splotch, you may be able to notice the dead skin bubble.  If you can't see it, here's a better look a couple hours later:

10:55 AM

That is a good size blister.  By now this thing doesn't really hurt at all, unless I get it near a heat source.  I'm cooking stuff all the time, so yeah, it still hurt for a bit.

Now I've been working and cooking for a while and the blister gets scraped against my shirt and opens, so I do what moms tell us not to do, I picked at it:

1:13 PM

I'll keep it clean, no problems.  Maybe I'll put some peroxide on it later to help keep it sterile.  It definitely looks worse than it feels.  I'll be okay.